Carpentry Services

Providing builders with trusted quality and performance.

Rough framing services offered to builders providing Truss Setting, Roof Sheathing, Wood Framing, and Trim Carpentry.

New Construction

Designed for the way you live.

New construction-custom homes by Harp Homes are commonly characterized by custom designs featuring open floor plans, abundant light, and extraordinary interior and exterior detailing.
In creating our homes, we have teamed with an excellent slate of subcontractors that have experience building luxury homes and that possess similar business ethics and objectives to our own. This, in turn, has allowed us to develop an impressive portfolio of new construction homes in Lee County and Southwest Florida.
Often described as high-end luxury without the high-end luxury price tag, a home by Harp Homes can easily be considered a prime example of valuable real estate among Southwest Florida luxury homes. At Harp Homes we provide a blank canvas which to design and build a living masterpiece that matches your personal and financial specifications.


Bring new life to a tired space.

Sometimes it’s not a new home or a different location that we desire; it’s simply a new look and feel for an existing home that can make all the difference. At Harp Homes we have been handling renovations since our inception; not only designing and building custom homes but also remodeling homes to update an older configuration, maximize tight spaces, and even increase square footage to accommodate current and future needs. We can enhance the look of an old kitchen or bathroom with the latest trends in cabinetry, countertops, plumbing and fixtures, or bring new life to a tired space with modern flooring, woodwork, and entertainment areas. The options are limited only by your imagination.


Increase sqft to suit your needs.

No matter what the scale or scope of your project, we offer a full service of additions and renovations. We are familiar with the demands of increasing the square footage to maximize space and can meet your current and future needs without compromising your budget. Working closely with you, we provide comprehensive design, product selection assistance, and professional installation services that are efficient, reliable and competitively priced.


Invest to maximize ROI.

…more value

    for your money…..

A lot of our customers come to us with a wish list, and make it our challenge to provide top quality at a reasonable cost. Working with the finest materials, we maximize home investment through design innovation and expert construction. That means no wasted space, and no wasted time.
Efficiencies like these get our clients more for their money – a competitive benefit we pride ourselves on. Some might say we specialize in doing more with less, but we consider that just part of the job. We value, and can’t help but build it into every one of our homes.
If you think you can’t afford the house of your dreams…Harp Homes will make you think again.